Runtime Console is an easy to use and setup in-game console that lets you view logs outside of the editor, define commands which can then be called from the console's user interface, catch exceptions and much more.



Creating commands.

Registering custom types.

Adding new log types.

Main features:

  • Allows you to specify the classes that contain commands improving performance in big projects
  • Commands are defined with the [Command] attribute
  • Works with any parameter type as long as there is a converter for it
  • Syntax can be customized by replacing any existent converter or adding a new one
  • Accepts user-defined log types
  • Can be set to catch exceptions generated by commands
  • Logs can be filtered by log type
  • Similar logs can be stacked
  • Logs that contain additional information can be expanded in a new window
  • Autocomplete suggestions based on text entered
  • Keeps a history of executed commands which can be navigated with arrow keys
  • Built-in commands
  • Flexible user interface built on top of uGUI

You can check this thread on unity forums for more information.


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